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Coding for Beginners | Intro to HTML & CSS | Building a Memory Game; Part II

July 6, 2022
6:00 pm ET/3:00 pm PT
90 minutes

Curious about coding, but don’t know where to begin? Flatiron School’s online introductory workshop is a great place to start!

Join Flatiron School as one of our Lead Software Engineering instructors guides you through Part Two of this AMAZING Two Part series. During this beginners workshop you'll learn the basic building blocks of building a memory game and how to style it while completing a series of challenges to help you master your new skills.

Part Two; You will learn: 

  • More JavaScript Intensive
  • Explaining Event Handling and knowing how to handle the functionality of clicking logging our user inputs
  • Creating the randomizer for the Simon pattern
  • Incrementing the score only if you are correct
  • Resetting the Score if it is Game Over
  • End Goal: Have the Simon Game Working and keeping track of a score

Part One; We Covered: 

  • How to develop a memory game with HTML, CSS, and JS at a beginner level
  • HTML: Tags, elements, and attributes
  • CSS: Using selectors to style your website via colors, borders, and sizes
  • JS: Some simple Javascript commands so you can feel like a real pro, and take your first baby steps in web development and software engineering

You will leave with the core concepts of HTML (tags, elements, and attributes), and the basics of CSS (selectors, properties, and values) and some Javascript. All your work will be in a platform that will allow you to code along with your instructor and you can continue to work on it after you leave!

** Don’t forget this is a Two Part series, Part One will be Wednesday June 29, 2022 at 6pm EST! You can sign up for this additional event here. **

Don't worry if you missed the first workshop, we'll spend the beginning part of the second workshop recapping what we covered.

Who is the workshop for?

No experience is required to attend! This is a no-strings-attached opportunity for you to gain knowledge about web development and find out if software engineering is something you’re passionate about. Just show up, and learn something new!

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