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Intro To Data Science: Linear Regression Model: Workshop | Online

November 18, 2021
8:00pm ET/5:00pm PT
1 hour

Linear regression is used as an attempt to model the relationship between two variables by fitting a linear equation to a set of data. It will be important to understand the relationship between multiple variables in order to make future predictions on behaviors.

What you’ll learn:

  • What linear regression is and when it should be applied
  • How to build a linear regression model in Python
  • How to interpret your model and determine how well it performs

Who is the workshop for?

No experience is required to attend! If you’ve had some experience with statistics or data science in general, there is still a lot to learn from this workshop. This is a no-strings-attached opportunity for you to gain data science knowledge and find out if data modeling is something you’re passionate about. Just show up, and learn something new!

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